Jun 212014
Teaching A Second Language When You Don't Speak One

As parents, we’ve all heard how important a second language is for our children but we struggle to teach them one especially if we don’t know a second language ourselves. Tim and I were both fortunate to grow up surrounded by those who spoke a second language. We naturally picked up Spanish but aren’t fluent. We could probably get by if we found ourselves stuck in a Spanish speaking country but our boys wouldn’t. So we were determined to teach our boys Spanish as it’s almost a necessity around here in New Mexico.

Jun 192014
Stock Up on Gift Certificates For Summer

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Jun 162014
Ozeri Frying Pans Are Earth, Human & Pet Friendly

Did you know that the pans you use in your kitchen might be causing flu-like symptoms in your family? While it’s factually accurate, it’s probably not happening as often as the experts would like you think it’s happening. Although, I’d prefer to skip the whole possibility by using an earth, human, and pet friendly pan by Ozeri.