Aug 032014
NFL Pre-Season Has Arrived

Thanks for visiting! Don’t miss a single post by following us.    It has been a very hectic month and I know we have not posted much lately. That will be changing this winter when we will be launching a few new projects. One of our first projects will be sports related as we are huge [...]

Jun 212014
Teaching A Second Language When You Don't Speak One

As parents, we’ve all heard how important a second language is for our children but we struggle to teach them one especially if we don’t know a second language ourselves. Tim and I were both fortunate to grow up surrounded by those who spoke a second language. We naturally picked up Spanish but aren’t fluent. We could probably get by if we found ourselves stuck in a Spanish speaking country but our boys wouldn’t. So we were determined to teach our boys Spanish as it’s almost a necessity around here in New Mexico.