Feb 042014
Super Bowl Champions Seattle Seahawks

Super Bowl Champions Seattle Seahawks | Source | #SB48

The game is over. A champion declared. MVP announced. So what’s left? The evaluations of the Super Bowl commercials. Which ones did we find the best, worst and down right strange this year. Without further ado, here are our top picks for this year’s Super Bowl commercials.

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The Best Super Bowl Commercials

Radioshack – Goodbye 80s | Source | #InWithTheNew
Oikos – Fuel Your Pleasure | Source | #FuelYourPleasure
Cheerios – Family | Source | #FamilyLove
T-Mobile – No Contract – Pt.1 | Source | #NoContracts
Doritos – Time Machine | Source | #VoteTimeMachine
Heinz Ketchup – If You’re Happy and You Know it | Source | #ifyourehappy
Budweiser – Best Buds | Source | #BestBuds
Toyota – Highlander | Source | #ToyotaHighlander

The Worst Super Bowl Commercials

CarMax – Slow Clap | Source | #slowclap
Volkswagen – Wings | Source | #VW

The Strangest Super Bowl Commercials

Honda – A hugfest for safety | Source | #hugfest
Chevy – Silverado | Source | #SilveradoStrong
Wonderful Pistachios – Stephen Colbert – Pt. 1 | Source | #GetCrackinAmerica
Wonderful Pistachios – Stephen Colbert – Pt. 2 | Source | #GetCrackinAmerica
Which commercial topped your list of favorites?

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