Jun 172013
New York City

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A lot happened this past week so lets dig into it.

New York Is Getting Hotter
Climate change appears to be happening. At least it is getting hotter in New York City. A report commissioned by city officials warns that by 2050 they will have similar temperature as Birmingham, Alabama which will be two to three times as many days of weather over 90 degrees. The report also warns that sea level will be rising an estimated two feet by 2050 and will danger some houses and businesses.

No More Garage Door Opener For You
Residents of Augusta, Georgia finally figured out what was causing a strange problem with their garage doors. Close to 500 Augusta residents have complained that their remote controlled garage door openers are not working. Well after weeks of this the cause has been found. The Fort Godon Army Base has installed a new radio system which runs on the 390 megahertz frequency which is the same as remote controlled garage doors. In order to limit hackers and to keep the radio network secure they are jamming that frequency which has made the doors inoperable.

Green Day In Concert

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Green Day Breaks Another Record
Green Day sold out London’s Emirates Stadium earlier this month with over 60,000 fans. The stadium has had performers such as Coldplay, Bruce Springsteen, and Muse have all played at Emirates before but never with over 60,000 in attendance.

Tim Tebow Is No Longer Teamless
Tim Tebow found a home after all and it is with the New England Patriots. He has been signed with a two year non guaranteed deal as a third string quarterback behind Tom Brady and Ryan Mallett. This may be Mallett’s last year with the Patriots as he is looking to become a starter for another team so if Tebow does well he could be in the second spot in a year.

School System Exploiting More Children
The Harold H Birch Vocational school in Providence, Rhode Island was under investigation by the Department of Justice as they found the school violated the Americans with Disabilities Act as they segregated students with special needs into workshops. A statement released by the DOJ contains “Birch obtains contracts with private businesses to perform work, such as bagging, labeling, collating, and assembling jewelery,” and “One former student stated that she was required to spend a much greater portion of her school day in the workshop, including full days, when the workshop had important production deadlines. Other than the in-school sheltered workshop, the nearest experience that some Birch students are offered to a transition work placement is assisting the Mt. Pleasant High School cafeteria staff with emptying the school’s trash”

The students received sub-par wages which included not only work performed during the school week but also on weekends. They paid the students between $0.50 and $2.00 per hour.

texas jails students

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Sending More Kids To Jail
Tardiness and absences has taken a whole new low in Dallas, Texas. Dallas county lobbied the state legislature to allow it to create a separate court system to deal with truancy only. They were granted this and now they are fining students and parents($3 million for this past school year) and has sent over a hundred kids to spend ten days or more behind bars. Yes they locked them up in adult jails if they are 17 or older or in juvenile detention if 16 and younger. The new truancy system is a win-win for the school districts. After they charge a student with truancy the student is taken out of the classroom in handcuffs and faces a hearing. At the hearing they either pay a fine and it is over or they try to fight it. If they try to fight it they pay a much larger fine and can get jail time if they are found guilty. However if they are found not guilty they still have to pay all court costs. Because this is a special court the public defenders office is not able to actually defend the defendants. Most of the students can’t afford an attorney so it is them against the school attorney and district attorney as parents are not allowed to assist in the defence although they are allowed to testify. The US Department of Justice has now opened an investigation on this.

National Mortgage Settlement Finally Paying Out…Sort of
The national mortgage settlement checks started being mailed last Monday. So far very few recipients has received them as more and more people are finding out they have issues with a claim, the bank has not supplied the necessary verification yet, or other issues. They announced all checks should be mailed by today(June 17) but it looks like it will be months longer for thousands of recipients. Last week JP Morgan Chase and Citibank submitted over 30,000 loans that qualify but because of the delay by the bank they will not receive their settlement check possibly until next year. And we wonder why cases like Jo-An Seipp whose house was foreclosed on in Florida while her loan with the bank was current. Her bank (Wells Fargo) even tried to void the title change but the new owner which is a Crimson Ibis LLC a company that only purchases homes that have been foreclosed on is fighting the title reversal which Wells Fargo filed with the court saying they are the only true victim and if Seipp wants anything she should sue Wells Fargo directly.

kittens killed by officerKittens Killed In Front Of Children
A mother in Ohio called animal control about a litter of kittens on her property. The animal control officer came to her residence and went to the backyard. While the mother and her children where in the house the officer shot each kitten with a gun. Her children who were looking out the window started screaming and crying with “Mommy, he’s killing the kittens.”

The officer told the mother, when she came out of the home upset, that the animal shelter was full and he has to take care of it out in the field. The mother complained to the Ohio SPCA which demanded the officer be fired and charged with animal abuse. The North Ridgeville Police Department which overseas animal control responded with this statement, “the cats were located within the wood pile and euthanized, then removed from the wood pile and taken from the residence.” He decided animal control officer Accorti’s “actions were appropriate,” and will not “impose any disciplinary measures for the incident.”

best buy store

Photo courtesy of Ildar Sagdejev

Best Buy and Microsoft Team Up Together
Microsoft is going to launch 600 Microsoft stores inside Best Buy. Microsoft has currently tried to open a few Microsoft stand alone stores but they have been failing and are always seen empty or just about empty so this will give them a cheaper outlet to open the stores while helping Best Buy which is hurting financially.

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