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Each week on Monday Tuesday, we review interesting things that happened in the news last week. I know we’re a little late for this week but I’ll have a big update coming this week so we were a little busy behind the scenes.
No ID. No VoteArizona Gets Shut Down Again
Last week the Supreme Court has blocked Arizona’s from requiring proof of citizenship in order to register to vote as it violates federal law which requires a uniform voter registration form. Ultra conservative Justice Antonin Scalia wrote the courts opinion striking down the law.

Rhode Island Goes Popular Vote
Rhode Island is not the tenth state to support the national popular vote. Once states that equal or exceed 270 electoral votes sign on these states pledge that if the electoral vote winner is also not the popular vote winner that the electoral votes will be awarded to the the popular vote winner.

More Truth About Bank of America comes out
Six former Bank of America employees have come forward that the bank routinely lied to customers and opted to foreclose on home-owners instead of performing loan modifications. In the affidavits from the former employees also go on to give information on the reward structure for foreclosing. If an employee was able to foreclose on ten homes in a month they got a $500 bonus.  The bonus continued for each additional ten homes too. BofA has already paid billions of dollars in fines and settlements due to fraudulent foreclosure practices and yet this is continuing.

James Gandolfini

Photo by Isabelle Vautier via WikiMedia Commons

RIP James Gandolfini
James Gandolfini of ‘Sopranos’ fame has died of a heart attack while in Italy with his thirteen year old son. His son also is who discovered him unresponsive in his hotel room’s bathroom. They were in Italy celebrating the 8th grade graduation and attending the Taormina Film Festival.

Goodwill Executives Get Rich While They Pay Employees Below Minimum Wage
Goodwill commonly pays workers with disabilities less than the federal minimum wage while they are paying executives millions. The disabled are actually being paid pennies. According to the labor department they are paying wages as low as 22 cents per hour. 109 of 165 Goodwill entities in North America employ workers through the Special Wage Certificate program, which grants the nonprofits the right to pay subminimum wages to people with disabilities. Goodwill says that about 7,300 of its employees are paid subminimum wages.

A Depression-era loophole in federal law, Section 14 (c) of the Fair Labor Standards Act of 1938, allows employers to obtain a special wage certificate. Goodwill is among the most well-known institution to use the program that affects 300,000 workers nationwide. The certificate grants employers, mostly nonprofits, the ability to pay people with disabilities less than the federal minimum wage. Instead of the current wage floor set at $7.25 per hour, workers with disabilities are paid a commensurate wage based on their performance.

The highest paid executives earn about a quarter of a million dollars per year for a total of just under twenty-five million while the highest paid employee which is the CEO of Goodwill of Southern California was paid $1.1 million. Seventeen Goodwill entities reported executive compensation in excess of $1 million per year with 30 CEOs receiving more than $293,000 per year in total compensation.

Good Luck Charlie To Feature Lesbians
Good Luck Charlie on the Disney Channel will be making history next year when it airs an episode with Charlie going on a playdate with a friend that is being parented by a lesbian couple. Yes the friend has two moms. Disney is working within the LGBT community to make sure the episode is respectful while educating kids that families around the world are diverse.

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