Jul 292013
The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge with Prince George

By Christopher Neve [CC-BY-SA-2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

The World Celebrates The Royal Baby
A Prince was born. Prince George Alexander Louis of Cambridge was born July 22nd and is the first child of Prince William, Duke of Cambridge and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge. Prince George replaces his uncle Prince Harry as third in line for the throne. Sharing Prince George’s birthday is a daughter of Penelope Cruz and Javier Bardem. The child’s name has not been released yet.

Incest Is Being Encouraged
The Cincinnati Zoo is getting desperate to save the Sumatran Rhinos which is on the verge of extinction. They are trying to breed two siblings together.

More Voter Suppression
Republican North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory has said he will sign a bill into law to restrict voting in his state. However when asked questions about the bill it turns out he has never read it. He was asked about a provision(a provision in which North Carolina will be the only state to have this) that seventeen-year-olds will not be able to register prior to their eighteenth birthday even if they would be eighteen by election day.

The War On Unwed Mothers
George Will has found the reason why Detroit went bankrupt. He knows the answer apparently, and it is because women are having children out of wedlock. Those children grow up not knowing how to work hard or have good moral character.

Bill O’Reilly also went on a rant last week about the problems within the black community. The reason why more blacks are poor and imprisoned is because black mothers have children out of wedlock. They go against nature so they become violent and end up arrested or like Trayvon Martin and dead.

14 Year Old Girl Called A Whore In Texas
A fourteen year-old girl is protesting in Austin, Texas against the states decision to take away safe and accessible abortions in most regions of the state on religious and supposedly safety grounds. She created a sign that reads “Jesus isn’t a dick so keep him out of my vagina.”  She came up with it while her and her friend where trying to think of a creative way to protest. She has been attacked on social networks and on conservative talk radio outlets. During most of those attacks she is called a whore close to a dozen times per attack.

An End To Saturday Delivery And Door To Door Deliveries
A republican controlled House Oversight and Government Reform Committee Wednesday approved a measure to end the United States Postal Service door to door deliveries to residences and businesses as well as ending Saturday delivery. This is not expected to pass through either the House or Senate but it is for Republican posturing only.

One Dollar Bill Or One Dollar Coin?
John McCain, Tom Coburn, Tom Harkin, and Mark Udall have introduced a bipartisan bill called the COINS Act which would remove $1 bills from circulation and replace them with a $1 coin. This is expected to save trillions of dollars over thirty years. Coins last thirty years on average while paper currency lasts under five years.

Don’t Be Cheap With Your Chargers
That is the message Apple is saying. A woman died a few weeks ago while using her iPhone during charging. Apple blames the reason she was electrocuted was due to using a generic wall charger.

Protesting The Small Independent Foreclosure Review Settlement
About 1.2 million settlement checks are still uncashed. Some of those, if not most of them, are due to the lender providing incorrect addresses to the settlement administrator but a small online group is protesting and not cashing those checks. They feel they are just too small and do not want to participate in the banks cover-ups. In total 4.2 million checks have been mailed out. Most for the minimum amount of $300.

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