Jul 152013
Zimmerman, George - Seminole County Mug

By Seminole County Sheriff’s Office (Seminole County Sheriff’s Office: Inmate Database) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Lets just start with the elephant in the room. The trial of George Zimmerman in regards to the murder of Trayvon Martin has completed. The verdict was not guilty on all counts. Zimmerman is a free man. I suspect the Martin family will be filling a wrongful death suit in the near future. Zimmerman will probably be filling his own suit against several news agencies over the editing of his 911 call.

Just a day before another sentence was handed down in Florida. This one is over a mother who had a restraining order against her husband due to multiple domestic violence incidents. Her husband was at her house allegedly being violent and abusive towards her. In order to get him to leave she fired a warning shot inside her house which did not injure anyone. Marissa Alexander was found guilty and sentenced to twenty years behind bars. Her eleven year old daughter was seen crying in court on Friday.

Attendees Can Bring A Gun to The Texas Senate Session But Not A Tampon
Texas has added lots of new restrictions for abortion and ob/gyn providers. Protesters have been occurring over the past couple of weeks. The restrictions were voted into law this past Friday but not after additional backlash. This time over the fact that you could carry a gun into the Senate session but woman were not allowed to have tampons or maxi pads in their purses.

Will Rick Perry Bid For A Presidential Run?
Governor Rick Perry announced he will not be running for re-election next year. It is expected he will make another presidential bid in 2016. Perry has been the Governor of Texas longer than anyone else. Currently at 13 years. Texas does not have term limits.

Oregon & New Jersey Step In To Help Students With Loans
Congress has failed to protect current and previous students. The interest rate against student loans has doubled but the states of Oregon and New Jersey are trying to help students on their own. Under the New Jersey plan, low-income students could be eligible for up to $10,800 of college savings through federal and state aid.  The Oregon bill would let students go to school for free, in exchange for paying between 1.5 and 3 percent of their income for 20 years after graduation.

Cory Monteith

By Eva Rinaldi from Sydney Australia (Cory MonteithUploaded by russavia) [CC-BY-SA-2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

A Death In The Glee Family
Cory Monteith of Glee died this weekend. He was discovered in his hotel room Saturday. Monteith, who had long been public about his past battle with drugs and alcohol, had not been present in the final episodes of the fourth season as he sought rehab treatment in April. The official cause of death is undetermined at this time but foul play is not suspected.

Bank Robber Waits On Bench For Police To Arrive
A man in Alabama robbed a bank so he could have a place to stay and a meal to eat. Forty-nine year old Rickie Lawrence Gardner was arrested last Tuesday on a first-degree robbery and first-degree theft charge. He robbed a bank, put four thousand dollars in his car then sat on a park bench and waited for police to arrive. Gardner recently was laid off which lost his health insurance. He has not been taking his depression and other medication which may be part to blame for why he did this stunt. He got his wish though and is is behind bars with free room and board.

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