Aug 192013

No ID. No VoteMore Voter Suppression
North Carolina’s Republican Governor Pat McCrory has signed the most restive voting laws of any state. In addition to a restrictive voter ID requirement with only certain forms being acceptable he has also cut early voting by one week, eliminates state ran voter registration drives, ends same-day voter registration.

Good-bye Website
Martin Manley committed suicide for no apparent reason on his 60th birthday but he created a website and prepaid for it to be hosted for five years. Yahoo took the website down saying it violated its terms of service. I am not sure what part of the TOS it violated but someone copied the website and put it up online at

Ubuntu Edge
As I suspected a month ago the Ubuntu Edge phone is not going to come to light. It would have been the first Ubuntu Touch phone and the hardware of the phone would have far surprises any other phone design. I always thought this crowd funding project would be to get hardware manufactures interested in and to realize a demand exists for this phone. The crowd funding has broken a record last week. It is now the highest crowd funded project ever with over $11.2 million dollars raised but it has a goal set of $32 million which I don’t see if having any chance of reaching.

You can still pledge at

Area 51
For the first time Area 51 has been officially recognized by the government however only in the regards for testing several spy plane programs during the Cold War. George Washington University’s National Security Archive filed a Freedom of Information Act years ago but just reached the lighly redacted documents about the facility.

You can review everything for yourself

Low Passing Grades Can Cost You A Heart
Fifteen-year-old Anthony Stokes is a low income black teenage with low grades and some minor run ins with the law although he has never been charged with a crime. He, also, has an enlarged heart with less than six months to live unless he receives a heart transplant. Due to his low income status and limited Medicaid coverage, the hospital would be forced to absorb the uncovered expenses of a heart transplant surgery which led the hospital to evaluate the child to determine if he would be placed on the transplant list.

They will not be placing his name on the transplant list. Why? The reasons they gave are history of low but passing grades, multiple interactions with police officers, and non-compliance with past medical requirements like weekly hospital visits. Apparently, the hospital would rather give him a death sentence.

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