Jan 262013
This review of The Golden Lily may contain inadvertent spoilers about the book. Pleas read at your own risk.

The Golden LilyIn this book Sydney’s relationship evolves and forces her to question her Alchemist beliefs as well as her sense of right and wrong. She reluctantly experiments with the magic that scares her so much but only because it might be the key to stopping Strigoi. Although she is still all business, she does begin dating a super smart guy she meets but the romantic feelings she has for Adrian still tug at her heart.

This book was such a fast read because I couldn’t put the book down. I carried it everywhere with me as I have for all of the Vampire Academy books. I love how Bloodlines is a spin-off series but has all the lure of the original books. Now I’m just waiting for the next book, The Indigo Spell, to come out next month.

What to learn more about this series? Richelle Mead’s site has a ton of information about the Bloodlines series and you can read the first two chapters of The Golden Lily over there, too. And if you love Richelle Mead’s books you’ll certainly love her blog, Even Redheads Get The Blues, where she is currently hosting a book club with her fans who are reading or rereading Bloodlines and The Golden Lily while providing loads of behind the scenes stuff.

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