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Little Caesars Pizza Experience

My 12 year old son loves Little Caesars pizza and while the rest of our family is not a huge fan, we occasionally have Grandma pick up pizza for our family dinner. Last night,...

Psych 0

5 Binge Worthy TV Shows

Maybe you love a show that had a spin-off. Maybe you like a certain genre. But, somehow you just missed watching the show and now are a season or more behind. Sounds like it’s time for a self-proclaimed binge marathon.


Mandatory Flunking?

Should Mandatory Flunking be an answer to a problem with getting kids to read? The governor of New Mexico thinks so. She is proposing to flunk third graders that are not able to score...


School Cutbacks Get To A New Level

As some of you may know we recently moved up North to Albuquerque last year from Southern New Mexico(Las Cruces area). The Las Cruces Public School system implemented some major cost cutting measures which will...

Flu Shot 28

Yay or Nay: Flu Vaccination

Elevated influenza-like illness visits are prompting some U.S. states to declare state of emergencies. Take a moment and be an educated patient before you run out for your flu vaccine. Does the flu shot...