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Peanuts Movie Trick or Treat Bag

The Peanuts Characters Big-Screen Debut

Have you heard that the Peanuts characters will be making their big-screen debut in November? That’s right, the Peanuts characters you loved as a kid have been updated so you can introduce your little ones to the quirky little gang.

Dez Bryant Catch 0

Football Is Back!

We’ve spent eight months waiting for the return of our favorite sport. That’s right, football is back! Who’s your favorite team?

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Football Is Back—Well Almost

Preseason football is here. We have already caught a few games and some of the rookies this year look great. This should be a fantastic season.

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Green Chile Season Is Here

The annual green chile harvest is well under way here. Everywhere you drive brings in the aroma of these roasted beauties. How do you use them?


Target Goes Gender Neutral

← Welcome and thanks for visiting! Don’t miss a single post by following us.I never thought I would see this day coming but Target announced they are going to go gender neutral for most...


Mandatory Flunking?

Should Mandatory Flunking be an answer to a problem with getting kids to read? The governor of New Mexico thinks so. She is proposing to flunk third graders that are not able to score...